You Feel Ashamed

Anger is one of the most common sins of parenting. We feel guilty when we blow up at the ones we love the most. What is the answer to this issue? Whether you are the parent of a toddler or teenager, this course is for you!

  • Grasp biblical teaching on anger and how to change in just five lessons and ten videos.

  • Understand how anger is both your foe AND your friend. This insight alone will change your perspective.

  • Make lasting change to become a more patient parent using an anger journal.

  • Grow deep in God's Word through the 25 different devotionals in the workbook (sold separately).

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Foundations

    • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Three Foundational Issues
    • Lesson 0 Workbook Download: Introduction and Front Matter
    • Lesson 1 Workbook and Devotional Download
    • Lesson 1 Leader's Video
    • Lesson 1 Presentation Slides
    • Teacher Lecture Notes Word-for-Word for the Whole Course
  • 2

    Understanding Anger as Your Foe

  • 3

    Understanding Anger as Your Friend

    • Anger is Your Friend FREE PREVIEW
    • Anger is a Prompt to Create a Plan for Your Heart
    • Lesson 3 Workbook Outline and Devotional Download
    • Lesson 3 Leader's Video
    • Lesson 3 Presentation Slides
  • 4

    Anger is a Prompt to Create a Plan

    • Anger is a Prompt to Create a Plan for Your Parenting - Part 1
    • Anger is a Prompt to Create a Plan for Your Parenting - Part 2
    • Lesson 4 Workbook and Devotional Download
    • Lesson 4 Leader's Video
    • Lesson 4 Presentation Slides
  • 5

    How to Change Using an Anger Journal

    • Understanding the Cycle of Change
    • Using the Anger Journal to Change
    • Lesson 5 Workbook and Devotional Download
    • Lesson 5 Leader's Video
    • Lesson 5 Presentation Slides
  • 6


    • Final Thoughts
    • Workbook Download: Appendices and Endnotes

Workbook Features

The workbook is absolutely essential to getting the most from God's Word. This is a video-driven Bible study. Features include:

Fill-in-the-blank space to take notes on the videos.

Suggested small group discussion questions.

Five days of devotionals in God's Word for each lesson.

Space and suggested questions to start your anger journal.

Six different essays to help with your parenting.
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Three Course Options

The Parenting with Patience study comes with several options that are right for any budget and any need!

  • The Individual/Small Group Course includes: five lessons and ten streaming videos. It's perfect for the individual or small group on a budget. Order the Bible study workbook below and you are good to go!

  • The Complete Course includes: 1. Two-year access to the ten videos and 2. the 105 page workbook in pdf format for personal use. This option is perfect for the small group leader who wants instant access or the individual in a remote location that cannot get the workbook delivered.

  • The Church Leader/Counseling Center Course (this course) includes: 1. Lifetime access to the ten teaching videos 2. the pdf workbook for the leader's use 3. the lecture notes in case you would rather teach the material live 4. the ability to download the videos to your computer 5. 20 free personal sign-ins so members can watch at home and 6. five different leadership videos to help This version is perfect for the small group or church leader that wants this for group study.


  • What perspective are you coming from?

    I am a Christian and believe that Jesus gives the answer to life's problems. Specifically, this material is influenced by the biblical counseling philosophy of CCEF and ACBC. I quote Dr. David Powlison extensively.

  • Are there DVDs?

    To keep costs as low as possible, the videos not available on DVDs. They are available as a streaming video (just like Netflix). In addition, the Church plan allows you to download them to your computer. Again, please honor the copyright and don't post online.

  • If I order the Complete or Church version, can I make copies of the workbook for my students?

    Thank you for asking but the pdf Bible study workbook is just for your personal use. Please honor the copyright (and all the hard work!) and encourage each member to buy their Bible study book through Amazon.

  • If I order the Basic Course, can I upgrade?

    There is no automatic way to upgrade. However, we have included a coupon code in the Basic version and Complete version to give you credit for your purchase. Just use that coupon when you purchase the church version and it will take the appropriate dollar amount off the price of the Church Leader version.

  • I am still worried it is not for me.

    No problem! We have a 100% money-back guarantee. You literally risk nothing!

Your Instructor

Chap  Bettis

Chap Bettis

Chap Bettis is the author of The Disciple-Making Parent, The Donut Date Journal, Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied, and many other resources. He is also Executive Director of The Apollos Project, a ministry dedicated to helping parents pass the gospel to their children.

His books have been endorsed by Dr. Al Mohler, Tim Challies, Marty Machowski, and many others.

Before leading this ministry, he planted and pastored a church in New England for 25 years. He and his wife, Sharon, have four adult children and live in Rhode Island.

As a pastor and parent, Chap understands both the Word of God and the pressures of family life. He has a unique ability to wisely apply the biblical principles to home life.

You must be satisfied with the course or we will fully refund your money. You risk nothing!

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